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A Season of Becoming

Stephanie ForrestComment
A Season of Becoming

Hello friends, I promised you a post on navigating life's curves and so here we are...

When I turned 28, everything started to divide. I began to see things more clearly. I realized I had used my twenties to learn and grow, to find God and myself, and my dreams. 

Next year I turn 30. It’s one of those milestones that seems so big, so monumental.

30 just seems so…I don’t know…adult. 

I remember turning 21 and feeling like I would be young forever. 30 felt so far away. In my mind, by 30, I would have everything figured out. I’d have the career of my dreams, the perfect house, a husband, and maybe a few kids. However, over the last (almost) ten years I have figured out that there is no wall in life. Not at 30, not at 35, or 40 or whatever age we deem "true" adulthood.

I have also figured out that the years will pass much faster than you think they will. You will go to lots of weddings, and my advice is to dance your pants off at every single one. You will watch television and go on runs. You will meet new people and date some of them. You will laugh with friends and stay out late. You'll begin to figure things out and little by little you will develop more wisdom and peace and groundedness. 

You will be on your own path to becoming.

I am still walking that path and I have closely chosen the people whom I wish to walk beside me. As the years have progressed so has my relationship with God. I have surrounded myself with people who believe in his goodness and that life is a grand adventure. 

I've also learned to spend as little time as possible fretting the small stuff. I choose to avoid those who make me feel less than I am. I've tried to move forward, to avoid getting stuck in the past. And I have attempted to live by the mantra of one of my favorite authors,  "Give today all the love and intensity and courage you can, and keep traveling honestly along life's path." 

I encourage you to take the time to grow, to try new things. I know most people need a season of space, a time to take a step back and reevaluate their lives. For me that came at 25 when I took a deeper look at the spiritual context of my life. I did not go to church for a long period of time while I was in college. That space and freedom was so important to me. It helped me gain the perspective I needed to find my own faith. But it became really easy for me to slip into several years without spiritual groundedness. It took me time but I eventually did whatever I had to do to connect with God in a way that felt authentic and real and truthful. And by the way, Im glad I did. 

However I am still figuring it all out. I've learned to take steps back to move forward. I have learned that in order to "become" you must take time to sit down, spend time with God, and let him make it happen. Some days I feel like I've really touched on my purpose. It feels exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. And other days I feel a bit lost, unsure of where my life is leading me.

And so here I am still "becoming." I am learning to rest and learning to be. I'm allowing myself to enjoy the process because life is good and I am lucky and above all blessed. Truly blessed. 


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