What's on Trend in 2017

Ruffles, bows, off the shoulder, billowy ornate sleeves... call me super girly but I am loving these new trends! As summer approaches I have been combing through catalogues and fashion blogs earmarking pages adding new items to my wish list! This season has brought femininity to a whole new delicate and refined light. Let's take a look at some of the latest fashion trends for 2017 that are primed to hit it big. Some are recycling back and others are making a big splash this year! If you are looking for some new key pieces to keep your wardrobe one that is of-the-moment, here are some of the trends to keep an eye out for. 

Ruffles and bows are here to stay. Whether it’s ruffles on your shoes, or tied bows on your sleeve, the feminine touch is alive and well. I am especially loving these Loeffler Randall shoes from Club Monaco and this gorgeous one shouldered top with coordinating bow from Club Monaco. 

Another fashion trend reemerging this year is centered around sleeves. Does anyone remember middle school circa 2000?! I am pretty sure I owned a half dozen tops with sleeves so large and billowy they looked like something I borrowed from my mother's 1970s wardrobe! But here we are 17 years later recycling fashion once again! Big billowy, ornate, pretty sleeves have emerged as a fashion darling and they are certainly hitting their stride this year. I am particularly obsessed with this Milly bell sleeve knit dress. It is perfect for a wedding or black tie affair! 

Shoulders are next on my list. The cold shoulder look was all the rage this fall and this style seems to just be getting started. Women everywhere are showing off their collarbones! This year, you will see many more adaptations to the off the shoulder/shoulder-less top. If you didn’t buy one yet, you just may want to. I am especially loving this En Créme top from Bloomingdales and this ruffled cold shoulder blouse from Cami NYC. 

Another add on to your summer buy list will be something that ties. I am coveting dresses that tie, tops that tie, basically anything I can fabricate a bow with! Check out a few of my favorites, this AQUA tie front top from Bloomingdales and the Brin Jumpsuit from Anthropologie. 

And last but certainly not least, florals and stripes are back in a big way! Think bold and graphic stripes and soft feminine florals. Take a peak at my must haves... I love this Makayla Romper and these striped Vindaya Shorts, both from Club Monaco.

This season I am seeing a mix of masculine inspired style (ties, bold stripes, etc) and super feminine styles. I like this new take on the idea of “dressing like a woman," a concept that often feels hyper-sexualized and inconvenient (anyone out there ever wear Spanx or stilettos?). Instead, I am loving fashion's new unapologetic take on feminine clothes. They are commanding, comfortable and elegant. Seems like a win win.

Now... get out there and shop!