Hotel Tonight Promo Code "RIFORREST"

Hotel Tonight Promo Code "RIFORREST"

Looking to get away for the weekend?! Use This Little Lady's discount code on HotelTonight and get $25 off your hotel stay! (RIFORREST)

Remember life should be about the adventure. Each Memorial Day my husband and I like to get away and decompress. I am so thrilled to be able to share a discount code with all of you and hope you will take advantage! And in case you do not know, HotelTonight makes it easy to book great hotel deals at amazing last minute rates right from your mobile device! 

HotelTonight's website says, "We built HotelTonight because we believe in a life less planned. In a life rich in experiences, not things. In the endless possibilities of the night ahead, and the night after that. We know that one ten-second decision can completely change the course of your day, in the best possible way." 

I hope you will take their advice and maybe step outside your comfort zone and perhaps be a bit more spontaneous! I promise you won't regret it! I truly believe that planning can kill the magic that spontaneity brings. Remember the best times of our lives are usually completely random and unplanned. 

I'll leave you with this last notion... when I do things without explanation, but just with spontaneity... I am sure I am right. I hope you will take time to ponder that and maybe infuse that little piece of wisdom into your own life. Whether it's taking a trip this weekend, going to a movie that you have been dying to see, or taking a leisurely walk in the park to clear your head... I hope you will do it.

"I don't know where I'm going, but I'm going, will you come with me?"