Packing Made Simple

Packing Made Simple

It’s the night before your vacation, your suitcase is open on the floor, and clothes have exploded quite literally everywhere. You feel panicked because you have no idea what to bring or how to fit everything into said suitcase. Sound familiar? 

This has been the story of life... I never seem to pack "just right." It's either I have overstuffed my bag with clothes I'll never wear or that I don't pack enough! Is there a balance? I am here to tell you that a solution exists! After years of traveling, I have developed these fabulous, quite ingenious (if I say so myself) tips for traveling light, saving space, and arriving at your destination wrinkle-free and ready for any adventure! Below you will find a handful of packing techniques and easy outfit solutions that will make dressing in the mornings super easy! 

So you might be wondering, what should I pack? Here is your answer... 

1. Go light on the clothing. Follow this formula: three tops for every bottom (I typically get two/three wears on every pair of pants/skirt(s) I pack. As for footwear, limit yourself to sneakers and two pairs of shoes—one casual and one formal.

2. Choose materials that do not wrinkle. Blends containing nylon, lycra, or polyester can be pulled out of your suitcase relatively unscathed. Textured fabrics like rushed jersey or seersucker and materials with prints also help mask wrinkles and fold marks.

3. Bring a just-in-case kit. I have been in one too many emergencies (of the wardrobe variety)! Bring  Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus and Tide to Go stain remover, you will thank me later! 

4. Prep your carry-on. Layers are an essential for traveling (especially for chilly airplane cabins)! Make sure to pack a toothbrush and at least a day's worth of any prescriptions in case your luggage gets delayed. 

5. Keep tabs on your bag. Use a luggage tracker like LugLoc to locate your suitcase in the event that it gets lost. Also make sure to label your bag tag with an e-mail address, rather than a home address, so that you can be more easily contacted while in transit.

Now that you know what to pack, here is how to pack...

1. Decide what to roll, and what to fold. Rolling should be reserved for knits (T-shirts, light sweaters). Blazers, trousers, and other pieces with more structure should be folded.

2. Use trash bags to avoid wrinkles. Line the bottom of your suitcase with a garbage bag; then, after you have packed, add another on top. The slippery surface will keep your clothing from creasing. 

3. Maximize every nook! I always pack footwear and other heavier items near the wheelbase of the suitcase. This prevents the suitcase from tipping over. I also layer in packing cubes (see tip 4), rolled garments, folded clothes, and jackets. I also try and make use of every inch by stuffing shoes with socks and filling the molded cups of bras with underwear. 

4. Buy space-efficient packing cubes, like Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Specter Cubes ($15+).  Squeeze out all the air for extra compression.

The key to making travel easy is packing simply. Next time you are readying your suitcase for adventure, just remember, packing lighter will allow you to enjoy your vacation without the worry of what to wear! Vacations should be spent making memories, these tips will help make sure no time is wasted sitting atop your overfilled suitcase trying to zip it.