Recommending Paris

Recommending Paris

I know... I've shouted it from the rooftops, blogged about it more times than I can count... I think you know where this is going... vacation is only 5 days away! I am so excited and (by the way, nearly packed) that I thought I could take a few moments to share what we have planned.

Saturday the fun begins as we kick off our vacation with a pizza party at Casa Forrest! Nothing says we are going to Italy better than pizza, am I right?! Saturday also happens to be the first Penn State football game of the year! Boy are we excited! Brant and I took a trip to Pasadena in January to the Rose Bowl and we have been counting the days to kickoff ever since!

Sunday our flights are in the early evening. We will be parting ways for a few days (Brant and I are off to Paris to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary)! We will be reunited later in the week for what promises to be a fun filled adventure across Sicily! 

Anyway, I thought I would share our awesome hotel deal in Paris and some of the restaurants we plan to check out while we are there! My husband Brant is the most responsible when it comes to money. He saves it, I spend it. He is patient and looks for deals, I am impulsive and lack self control. However, this time around he convinced me to wait on a hotel booking. He claims to have studied the trends of hotel prices and was convinced he'd get a better deal a week before our departure date. I begrudgingly obliged.

We have been tracking the hotels and their prices for months. The prices slowly went down and I remembered a hotel that I came across at the recommendation of fellow blogger, The College Prepster, Carly. Earlier this summer, I read her post on her trip to Paris and fell in love with Hotel Providence. I immediately knew I needed to stay there but the prices were just too high. Brant explained that the total cost would have nearly paid for our plane tickets! Ok-- I get it. Time to move on. But if you know me... then you know I am not going to give up that easily! I checked in on this hotel for months! And finally, two days ago, the price dropped! I was so excited I didn't even run it by Brant. I knew this was a once in a lifetime kind of deal. So I booked the room!

Hotel Providence is a boutique style hotel, with only 18 rooms. It is beautifully decorated and from the sound of it's reviews, the restaurant and bar come highly recommended. Located in the heart of the eastern district of Paris, Hotel Providence promises to be worth the wait! More on this upon my return! 

I am also particularly excited about the restaurants/cafes/brassieres that we will visit. Here are a few on our list... 

La Palette

Le Baratin


Le Dome

Cezembre Restaurant

Bouillon Chartier

Tell me... do you have any recommendations?! Please comment below!


Stephanie, The Little Lady