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Our Return to Edinburgh

Stephanie ForrestComment
Our Return to Edinburgh

Hello friends! I hope everyone is off to a spectacular start in 2018! It's hard to believe we are nearing the end of February! Brant and I have had a busy start to the year. In January we celebrated a milestone birthday for Brant (the BIG 30)! It was a great opportunity to take stock of the last twelve years and all the amazing adventures we have shared together. It was also a great excuse to plan another trip abroad! I wanted to surprise Brant for his birthday so I asked him to pick his top three wish list destinations. His list would likely have you questioning if he was an eskimo in another life! {Wish List: Edinburgh, Scotland, Quebec City, Canada, and Reykjavik, Iceland} I know, I know, all three destinations could potentially cause frostbite! However, if you know Brant, then you probably know that he isn't much of a warm weather person. Anyway, I ended up selecting Edinburgh and am so glad that we made the trip!

This was our second rendezvous in Edinburgh and we were so happy to be back. This time we were able to revisit some of our favorite city spots, and sought out new ones. We hiked part of Arthur's Seat and visited Glencoe and the highlands (including the Loch Ness). At every turn the sights became more breathtaking. We couldn't have planned a more perfect getaway and we even stayed at the Scotsman Hotel, which has become near and dear to our hearts (we stayed here for our honeymoon).

While we were visiting I surprised Brant with a photographer (Iris Art Photography) to take our photos atop Arthur's Seat. Justina, our photographer, was wonderful and she sent over our gallery within days of our shoot. We spent such a nice afternoon with her and our photos are a wonderful remembrance of the time we spent in Scotland.

Below I have posted a few photos from our shoot, and if you click on my featured travel album, you can check out a few of the photos that I took!

Also here are a few of our favorite restaurants and shops as well as the must see spots for those of you heading across the pond to Scotland! 


(1)  Michael Steak & Seafood (2) The Huxley (3) Fishers in the City 


(1) Alchemia (2) Lily Luna (3) Brora (4) Jigsaw 


(1)  The Scotch Whisky Experience (2) National Museum of Scotland (3) The Real Mary King's Close (4) The Edinburgh Castle (5) Camera Obscura

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